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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment, just remember that. >> in presidential politics, donald trump grabbing the nra endorsement while attacking hillary clinton. we'll tell you what the latest polls show. >> the republicans are about to nominate a guy who says he's worth $10 billion and won't show his tax returns. >> not to be outdone, former president bill clinton hitting donald trump where he thinks it hurts most, his tax return. cash crunch. the sanders campaign burning through money at a fast pace. will the candidate have enough to make it to the convention? the egyptian military just a short while ago releasing new video, debris recovered from egyptian flight 804. that debris field was located in the mediterranean about 180 miles north of alexander. as the search continues, there was new information what was taking place on the plane moments before it disappeared from radar.
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french authorities say smoke was detected in a number of locations in the aircraft. u.s. officials remain cautious about jumping to conclusions about the cause of the crash. >> so far, at least, we have no claim of responsibility or evidence that this was an intentional act, but the fbi, as you would expect, is working with our partners around the world to try and gain a better understanding of what happened. >> search teams have still not recovered the plane's flight recorders, and officials hope that once the blacks boxes are recovered, they will be able to determine the cause of the crash. nbc's chris jansing is in paris. chris, good to see you this morning as we're getting our first crucial findings on the investigation, including reports of smoke there in the cabin coming from the bathroom, actually, and newly found wreckage. so are officials optimistic that they're getting closer to finding out what happened? >> reporter: there's no doubt this is a crucial bit of evidence, these communications from the plane to communications, experts on the ground both operational and
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maintenance, operation centers. it said a couple critical things. one, two areas of smoke conditions. one that was in a bathroom near the cockpit, the other where the avionics is. this is where the electronic equipment is. that is highly unusual if there is a fire in that type of plane in that area. there is a second set of alarms that went off that had to do with control of the plane and the computer systems, all of that happening in pretty rapid fire, within about three minutes. what that doesn't tell us is what precipitated them. again, the key question that remains out there, was this some sort of catastrophic mechanical event, or was it potentially an act of terror, and what are the implications of that? certainly there are economic implications. we've seen it with a series of crashes in egypt and what it has done to their economy. ongoing concerns here after terror attacks. obvious
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obviously "charlie hebdo" and just the possibility there could be some terror-related motive here, something that could have started at the airport behind me, charles de gaulle airport, making people nervous. i talked to a tour official who was back last night from istanbul in a meeting of european countries. one of the topics of concern was will suspicions of terror, concerns about terror this summer keep tourists away? here's what he told me. >> it's a concern, i agree, but at the same time we cannot let these smart people win. we have to go on going to the restaurant, to the hotel, to the theater, and we have to live. so that, i think, behind it people cannot avoid danger. terrorism can be a car crash, it can be whatever. >> reporter: obviously tourism
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and business officials with a real vested interest in what the outcome is here. and the new information, you saw some of the pictures today, that late yesterday we saw some of the debris that came up. that helps them to determine where this area is that the plane may have gone down. one of the things that they'll be looking for besides, obviously, the analysis of the pieces of debris and potentially the human remains that come up, how did that plane break up? are there large pieces or small pieces, small pieces indicating perhaps that something happened in the sky, that there may have been an explosion. if there is a larger piece, for example, of the fuselage, maybe it was more intact when it hit that water. and in the meantime, here at charles de gaulle airport, there were already in place a series of new security measures, a test, essentially, going on to screen for passengers. as you know, francis, that already the united states participating in a look at the people who were on board that plane, no one with any links to
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terror as this investigation continues. francis? >> chris, i understand that with new information and new details as we're seeing now video of that debris taken, any indication where we may get the next update here? especially knowing the debris they've taken is floating debris and they haven't found a specific wreckage site just yet? >> reporter: yeah, 3:06 in the afternoon here, and obviously we've already had a briefing this morning. not a whole lot of that briefing actually had to do with technical information, francis. we were able to confirm, nbc news able to confirm independently the veracity of that information that came out late yesterday about the communications, about the smoke on board, and about the sensors that went off. we're not expecting another update today. i do think it's worth mentioning since you brought up the briefing that happened just a few hours ago that there are a lot of family members who are very upset. they are concerned that that information came out from the press. they did not get it from any
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official source. we did speak with somebody who was inside that meeting who told us -- and i don't think this will come as a big surprise -- what they want to know is, was this terror and was there something that happened here or at one of the other airports that contributed to this disaster? francis? >> nbc's chris jansing. thank you very much for the update. we appreciate you reporting live for us in paris. the tsa and terror. what the agencies are doing to cut the long lines that have been trapping travelers. donald trump on the campaign today after picking up the coveted endorsement by the nra. trump had a 30-minute speech at the forum yesterday, attacking hillary clinton with this warning to members. >> hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment, just remember that. we're not talking about change it, she wants to abolish the second amendment. hillary's pledge to issue new anti-gun executive orders, you
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know that. this is the behavior, i mean, you could say, of a dictator. this is the behavior, frankly, i think, of someone who doesn't know what she's doing. she is not equipped to be president in so many different ways. >> hillary clinton is standing by comments she made this week about trump's candidacy, tweeting yesterday, the united states presidency requires stud iness as well as strength and smarts. donald trump is not qualified. >> former president bill clinton has also switched his attack mode in his opposition of the presumptive nominee. we're going to make america great again. that's code for, you've been shafted, i'll make it what it used to be. what he's really saying to people in the white working class who have a legitimate beef, i'll make you better again, and even if you don't get better, at least i'll give you the pleasure of watching me beat up on other people.
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>> meanwhile, bernie sanders is once again vowing to take his fight all the way to the convention as tensions between him and the party escalate. here's what he told a crowd of about 7,000 supporters in new mexico last night. >> over 400 of these superdelegates indicated their support for secretary clinton before anyone else was in the race, before the first ballot was cast. that is what the anointment process is about, and it is a bad idea. one would think that the democratic leadership would want the strongest candidate possible to defeat donald trump. >> sanders has two events today, one in new mexico and the other in california. former president clinton is also campaigning in california. and hillary clinton has one event in florida. joining me now is nbc's kelly
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o'donnell. she is in new mexico where sanders will be speaking this afternoon. kelly, what more are we hearing about democratic voters there? >> reporter: i can tell you, francis, that five hours before that event is set to happen, there is already a line of people waiting to get in on the perimeter here in vado, new mexico. we're not that far from the mexican border. what you find in a state like new mexico which is not on the political trail of the general election season, this is a chance for people to be a part of something they've been hearing about all year long. bernie sanders has been bringing his ideas, especially about speaking to communities in the southwest. the latino community, the native american community, talking about social programs and directing some of his message to some of the concerns in a state like new mexico which has issues with education, issues with poverty and joblessness. so trying to talk about those things. at the same time on this swing, he is also talking about hillary
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clinton, separating himself on a list of different issues. that's the kind of way that bernie sanders talks about her in a rally type environment. it's not the political hard hits you might see in another context, certainly nothing like donald trump, but going issue by issue. also, we find from bernie sanders that he is taking on trump directly and talking about the insults, and then he sort of inserts all different types of groups from mexicans to gay americans to women and so on to say that that should never be tolerated in the u.s. and really trying to inspire voters. one of the big things you find in spending time with bernie sanders is that he talks about his campaign in the use of the word "we." really trying to invite voters into it, calling it a movement, and now at this phase late in the primary season, francis, bernie sanders is really talking about trying to inspire voters to hang in there with him, to go to the polls for the remaining contests and the big final day of the big sweep, which is june
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7. that's not that far away, so we're seeing a lot of time being spent in the west. he's got several events today, and trying to say to voters his best chance at the convention is to have some momentum and have as many delegates as possible. you know we've been discussing the sort of candidate math for quite a while. hillary clinton has a formidable lead, but bernie sanders is not seeding any ground. i can tell you being on the road in this wing, he still is energetic, still enjoying the process, speaks for more than an hour at an event like this and trying to keep the voters as excited as he appears to be. francis? >> he doesn't seem concerned about the division of the parties as well. thank you. i want to bring in jessica chambers, white house correspondent at the daily mail, and a pulse editor. to both of you thanks for joining me on a saturday morning. francesca, we were just talking
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about that and bernie sanders' vision here in the west. but you also have a rift between sanders and the dnc not getting any better, and debbie wasserman schultz here. he is very clear he is here for a win, not going to drop out. can he actually do this by alien ating the entire party apparatus at the same time? >> that's what's always been very conflicting about bernie sanders' message to the superdelegates. on the one hand he's saying they should support him over hillary clinton because he would beat donald trump in a general election. on the other hand he keeps bashing party officials, and this week his campaign going directly at debbie wasserman schultz, as you noted, the dnc chair saying she's been throwing shade at him and unfair to him from the very beginning. it might be difficult to win those people over after he's been saying they've been so unfair to him and the system is so rigged.
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>> paul, when so many people are saying yes, you have hillary clinton's side saying as much as she wants to focus on donald trump, she has to worry about donald trump here. so what's the fallout for her from this kind of split? >> she has clearly moved past bernie sanders, or is attempting to move past bernie sanders, declaring this week during an interview this this is over and i've already won. she's focusing most of her attention on donald trump, being concerned about donald trump. >> behind closed doors in her campaign, isn't there a worry saying, we would love to be able to just make a bull's eye against trump? >> sure, they would love to have this go away, but they think that there is nothing bernie sanders can do to deny them the nomination. they want to simply keep this out of being a personal battle and let it be a discussion about some of the policy issues and the democratic party. again, they would love to see this all cleared up and eliminated as a dispute at the convention, but i don't think they have any concern about actually winning the nomination. that's why they're trying to keep this at a low temperature.
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but they're not concerned about losing the nomination. >> i want to ask you about that, because the latest general election polls show donald trump closing the gap between him and hillary clinton, but then you have this which shows bernie sanders still beating him handily here. should democrats be taking him more seriously, even as we're talking about the delegate math? >> i think the democrats are taking the bernie sanders campaign seriously, especially to the extent they're trying to think about ways to change the rules and open up some of the process to sanders supporters in the philadelphia convention, but i'm not convinced at this moment that they are deciding they want to shift their support to bernie sanders as the nominee. a lot of these general election polls are kind of hard to figure out because what we really want to be tracking is state-by-statestate-by-state electoral math. >> this doesn't seem to be in the surge that she wants, especially with some numbers
6:16 am
dipping in a sense. what do voters and supporters and those out there, the undecideds, need to see for her to get back on top? >> she needs to win california and new jersey on june 7. that way she'll win the nomination and it will be very difficult for him to go into that philadelphia convention trying to make the argument that he is, which is that the superdelegate should vote for him because he would do better against donald trump, as you were discussing, by 13 points. i want to point out something very interesting about that poll. if you look at the democrats in that poll, they say roughly 5 to 6% of them would be willing to support a republican in the general election. if you look at republicans, 10% say if bernie sanders was the democratic nominee, they would be willing to support him. that's a very large number of republicans saying they would not vote for donald trump, so that bolsters bernie sanders' point he's trying to make in the
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campaign. >> there is such focus placed on operation and money, but the latest sec filings say the clinton operation is way, way ahead of donald trump spending 182 million to donald trump's 57 million. 732 to donald trump's 70 staff size. how big a problem is that for him, and is there a sense where he is kind of late on this ball, and how will he play catch-up on that? >> this has been the big thing for donald trump this season, that he did not have the organizational machine, he did not have an organization on the groi ground, he did not have a large campaign, and yet he has been winning because the passion of his supporters have been overwhelming. this is going to be a question going into the general if it is hillary clinton against donald trump, will her organizational might overcome some of the passion of his supporters, and we'll have to see. >> paul, speaking of money and bernie sanders and talking about what he has in his coffers, $6
6:18 am
million cash on hand. is the end of his campaign coming soon considering that's all he has left? and we know he has donations, smaller ones. >> he's been shrinking his campaign in some places in the past month or so. he'll stay in. i don't think he's going to run out of money. but as francesca was pointing out, hillary clinton will be spending in california and it's an expensive state to compete in. >> to both of you, i appreciate you back with me on a saturday. good to see you both. >> thanks for having us. airport security concerns. new worries across the united states and the effort to speed up tsa lines without compromising safety. ♪
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the first debris from egyptair flight 804 has been recovered, and the first debris recovered from the mediterranean about 180 miles north of alexandria. the flight recorders still have not been recovered and officials still don't know what caused the tragedy. here in the u.s., officials are monitoring the investigation. >> we still don't know what happened there. we're following the investigation closely. our hearts go out to the families and friends of the people who were lost, but most importantly, it's a stark reminder that what we do is really important, and we need to do it well, and we need to do it efficiently. >> i want to bring in john helinsky. he is former deputy administrator of the safety and transportation administration. thank you for being with me this morning, and we're talking about this as we're all waiting as far
6:23 am
as word on what may have caused this plane to go down. but without any kind of proof that it was deliberately caused or there was terror behind it here, what are some of the security precautions here in the united states that are being taken, and what exactly are security officials looking for? >> well, i think any time you have an event like this, and as you said, it's in the early stages. you're not sure what caused that particular incident, but you err on the side of prudence. in the aviation system in the u.s. from a security standpoint, you're talking about looking at almost 2 million people a day and 5 million bags a day. you will have heightened security in some areas across the board, particularly those airports that are what you would consider high-volume airports, and you're also moving into a period right now where there is a lot of travel. historically as well, during the summer months is when you see a higher threat period. so the types of things you'll see -- number one, you see the
6:24 am
lines at the screening checkpoint. that's a very, very visible sign of security. but there are many other security processes that are going on behind the scenes that the average person typically doesn't see. >> now, can you -- can we, as far as travelers here, anticipate more of those protocols, security protocols being taken in light of this? we just heard from chris jansing, our reporter in paris, saying, yes, you can visibly see that in paris now. in our own borders, can we expect that given these long lines. >> i think you will see some of these procedures. the lines are always a very visible presence of security, but there are other things. you know, after the brussels attack, you saw more presence of armed police or other personnel in the front side of the airport. i think you'll see more -- the larger presence of dogs, which are a very effective security measure. some will be visible, and there is a vast majority of measures
6:25 am
that aren't visible when you're looking at flight crews and things like that on a daily basis. >> it certainly is tough. so many people at chicago o'hare had to sleep there, 450 of them, delays of long lines at chicago o'hare. you brought up what happened in belgium and the airport and considering where that happened. it wasn't inside in the security area, it was outside where we're seeing right now. what can be done to minimize the threats in that area given the fact that ultimately you have passengers like we're seeing here who will be inconvenienced for that safety? >> and that's a good point. because the front side of the airport is a very vulnerable spot, and typically it's an area where, for example, the tsa is not responsible for that particular area. the airport and the airport police are responsible for security in that area. they all work together, which is very important. i think there is a number of measures. there is physical hardening of
6:26 am
these -- of the front side of airports that i think in the u.s. need to be done, as well as visible presence, police presence, other agency presence in those areas. and then there's technology that i think needs to be instituted in the front side of airports that you don't typically see now but will serve as kind of an early warning. biometric data, biometric capability with closed circuit tv, things like that. >> john, the tsa administrator, peter nissen was in chicago yesterday addressing this and long lines, and how thorough the airports are vetted. here's what he said. >> any time you have a trusted population, you want to verify the trust of that population. the way we verify the trust of that population is running them continuously against terror screening databases, looking for affiliations with people in those databases or databases associated with that, and looking at their criminal history background check.
6:27 am
we do that ourselves regularly with the intelligence community. >> he's explaining how that happens with a system of vetting airport personnel, but do you believe it's adequate in this country, and how do those standards compare with airports overseas? >> so -- and it's a growing problem, in my opinion, "the insider" threat. there are airports who do also physical screening of employees. i believe the tsa is actually looking at encouraging more physical screening on a random basis. the rest of the world does physical screening of all employees, meaning they walk through a checkpoint and their bags are -- bags go through an x-ray machine. i say that, but the metro jet, you had employees screening there and that was an insider threat. and the attack on dalo air in somalia was through screening. i think it's a combination of both. the vetting system we have in place from running the names is,
6:28 am
i think, a gold standard. it really does look at their backgrounds. it's a constant type of vetting, but there has to be employee screening of some nature, not 100%. i think random, because that mitigates the insider, but random screening as well. >> i have to look at the egyptair crisis, as someone who has worked with them, going to different airports, privatized their screening and are hiring private contractors. is that a solution? >> let me say a couple things about that. actually, when you compare the two, is there a difference between government screeners and private screeners? no. i think the studies bear out that they're both pretty much the same. because if you have a private screening group, the tsa would be managing it, anyway. if you look at some of the airports that went private, what they did is they ended up hiring
6:29 am
the tsa screeners that were government employees. there is a lot of people who say it will save money. it evens out just about the same. >> all right, well, we thank you for your perspective. >> thank you very much. the middle class don't say they care, but who are the voters believing? road trip. there she is. uh oh, oh, oh, oh, what? so here is our road trip itinerary. what's this? a bunch of different places... nah, bro. we gotta go off-script. rip to shreds every motel, cabin and teepee, between here and the wedding. now get out of my seat. alright. (screams) road trip! whahhhh hahaha... road trip! >>psst. hey... where you going? we've got that thing! you know...diarrhea? abdominal pain? but we said we'd be there... woap, who makes the decisions around here? it's me.
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♪uh oh. oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back. i'm francis rivera here at nbc med quarters in new york. the search for the egyptair black boxes is intensifying in the east mediterranean sea as more records turn up in egypt. they released the images of this debris a short while ago, and they appear to show plane seats,
6:36 am
life jackets and also scraps of cloth. so far, though, the cause of the crash is a mystery. we'll bring you the latest information here throughout the morning on msnbc. now back to politics. donald trump received an endorsement from the national rifle association just moments before he walked on stage to address the lobbyist groups. both hillary clinton and donald trump rallying with voters they need today, and the second amendment a big back and forth. >> reporter: right, it was a big back and forth, and donald trump excited about that endorsement. he took the stage and got a warm reception, but not really a standing ovation, but as he attacked hillary clinton, he got standing ovation after standing ovation. in the last 24 hours, we've seen him go after hillary clinton on twitter. this is his eighth tweet we're going to look at now sent out this morning saying, "crooked
6:37 am
hillary wants to get rid of all guns, but she's surrounded by bodyguards who are fully armed. no more guns to protect hillary!" meanwhile, both him and hillary clinton are now reaching out to hispani hispanics, some people that they desperately need. >> i just want to thank everybody. we're going to be working very hard. >> reporter: it's a tough sell for donald trump, promising hispanic voters in a pre-taped adlibbed video, i'm on your side. the mostly republican crowd not impressed. >> you're going to like president trump. >> let's pray. >> i've been a person of faith all my life. >> reporter: hillary clinton's pitch more polished and direct. >> you know, we're hearing some divisive and dangerous rhetoric
6:38 am
in this election. we have a candidate who wants to tear families apart. >> reporter: the frontrunners are at war, trump tweeting about crooked hillary at all hours of the day. zero imagination and less stamina, he says. dishonest. at the nra convention in kentucky where trump picked up the gun lobby endorsement even when he once wanted to support a rifle ban, trump said the stakes have never been higher for gun owners. >> hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment, just rrm thaemember that. we're not talking about change it, abolish the second amendment. >> reporter: bernie sanders says hillary clinton is not qualified to be president. don't forget about us, bernie sanders supporters say. not drawing back, he still attracts thousands. the democrats struggle to unite as more republicans fall in line. >> i was a rubio guy, but marco
6:39 am
lost, and i will enthusiastically support the republican nominee. >> reporter: donald trump has the weekend before heading out west for morale lee rallies for first time in a couple weeks and a fundraiser as well. the surrogates are busy campaigning today in new mexico, california and florida. meanwhile, all the candidates are sending a message on the campaign trail to an important voting block. take a list ten to that. >> we're going to put people in charge of the economy who do not come from wall street, who understand that we've got a reverse of the decline of the american middle class. >> the thing i'm going to do is make sure the middle class gets good tax breaks. >> the american labor movement helped us start the american middle class! >> the middle class continues to
6:40 am
disappear, and more and more people are living in poverty. >> you can catch the key words there, middle class. now a new study shows that cross-section of the united states is shrinking, and it could be indicative of how the 2016 election is playing out. joining me now from boston, social professor of social work at boston college. thank you for being with me this morning. we try to break down these numbers, especially the ones in the recent report. you have a number of middle income households that have decreased by 11 points in the last 50 years. is that a classic case of rich getting richer, poor getting poorer? >> yes. think of an hourglass turned on its side so now you're getting squeezed out of the middle and people are either moving to the upper income bracket or the lower income bracket. the concern is people who are moving into the lower income bracket. >> why is that? what is behind it considering we have those numbers from the last
6:41 am
50 years? what are we seeing and what is happening to get that number now? >> there is a lot going on. every metric shows that we've lost ground since the early 1970s. some of it is the loss of the manufacturing base in the united states. the middle class was solidly a manufacturing class, really, through most of the 20th century. it's tax policy, and it's also the fact that increasingly, the work that really pays in the united states is what's called knowledge work, which means you need higher levels of education, you need higher access, and it's hard for people to afford college and not everyone is going. >> so where are we seeing this play out in different parts of the country? is it in the midwest, is it in the east or west coast where we're seeing more of the middle class? how is that playing out? >> that's actually, think, part of what's interesting about this. when you think about the middle class either moving up or moving down. they're moving up in the northeast, they're moving down in the southwest and they're struggling to hold on in the
6:42 am
midwest where we have the largest manufacturing base. in addition -- please. >> go ahead, go ahead. >> traditionally in the southwest, we also see heavy, heavy concentrations of hispanic population. there is a racial division there in terms of how this is happening. >> we heard from the candidates earlier, and you have the message of donald trump resonating with middle income voters. but you look at his background, a guy who was given a million dollars by his father to start his business. you see the trump name flying around in his jets. now a guy who is successful running for president. what is it about his message that is resonating? >> yeah, it's clearly not his income or his airplane. it is his message that's resonating and that's been quite interesting. in the 20th century, the middle class was the celebrated part of america. if you were middle class, you were post world war ii, you had brought a country to new freedom, you built the things we deliver to the world, you bought
6:43 am
the house and you established american communities. not only is that middle class shrinking, but that's not really who we celebrate now in america. we celebrate the rich, we celebrate the most powerful, we celebrate the bill gateses and the mark zuckerbergs of the world, not the average joe plumbers. if you're a middle class, you don't feel like you're winning anymore, and that's what donald trump is saying, i will make you the winner again. >> do you feel that message, we'll make america great again, part of that era, that golden age for the country? >> i think for people supporting him based on the economy, yes. part of what's great about making america great again, it can be anything you want. whatever is great to you, you can say that's what he's talking about. >> interesting the hourglass of it. thank you for the perspective. i appreciate your being with me. >> thanks for having me. campaigning for votes.
6:44 am
>> hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment, just remember that. >> so what else has donald trump said to win the nra's endorsement and how winning candidates on both sides are sending their message to becoming president. that's next. those hot dogs look good. oh yeah, hebrew national. their all-be like yours but they're also kosher. so, not just any beef goes into it. oh, honey! oh! here, have some of ours. oh! hebrew national. a hot dog you can trust.
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for more information, visit donald trump made a virtual campaign stop last night recording a statement to be played at the national hispanic christian leadership conference. but the video met with a reaction that the candidate might not have gotten in person. >> national hispanic christian. three great words. we're going to take care of you, we're going to work with you, we' you're going to be very happy, you're going to like president trump. >> let's pray. >> i want to bring in elise jordan. she is a former campaign adviser to rand paul, also a long-time contributor and political
6:48 am
analyst. it's good having you here this morning. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> you really need a big chunk of hispanic vote to win the election for president, and we also know his unfavorables are pretty high when it comes to hispanics. can donald trump win without the hispanic vote? >> donald trump certainly has a lot of work to do with the hispanic vote, given that three out of four hispanics have an unfavorable view of him and that hillary clinton, her favorability is around 62% and donald trump's is around 23%. the big question here is, the very same poll, immigration was a very important issue with hispanic voters, so i do think there is an opportunity for donald trump to improve his standing, and he certainly has to just because the hispanic vote matters so much in key swing states. florida, arizona, you've got nevada. donald trump definitely can't seat all of that vote. >> what does he need to say? i know, as he put it, there was
6:49 am
suggestions when it comes to the ban on muslims, but when it comes to building a wall and all that, how can he do that and make up that ground when it comes to what he's saying, his rhetoric, and his positions? >> well, trump really needs to focus on his economic message and stay away from the wall. that's going to be virtually impossible for him, but he does really need to stick to the economy. and also social issues. and that was why in his video message to hispanic evangelicals would spark outrage because hispanic evangelicals do tend to vote more republican. >> trump is reportedly beefing up campaign staff in states that democrats have gone for for decades, michigan, wisconsin. can he flip them like he seems to believe? and if so, if there was a flip in these states, what would it take for him to do so? >> it's interesting, because i never thought any of these states would flip, but donald
6:50 am
trump has managed to do so much this year that's completely unconventional, so he might be able to do it. with michigan, especially, bernie sanders won there basically on his anti-free trade message, and also in pennsylvania. there's going to be a lot of white working class voters that can he sway them to the republican side. >> on the other side, is there any scenario here that he may be able to flip it on the other side? traditional red states that some republicans won in 2012? >> certainly. georgia, hillary clinton's campaign is looking at making a big play for just because it's kind of on the margins but what is interesting here is hillary clinton has field staff. she has a swing state operation. donald trump is just building that operation now. he's a little bit behind the curve. but he is bringing in good staff. he brought in a fantastic new pollster this week, one of the best in the country, and so if he -- can he build an organization this quickly, can he really stop the clinton machine. that's going to be the question.
6:51 am
>> see if he can play catch-up and if it will be a traditional machine. thank you. good to see you. from a surge in voter registration to the number of votes separating the democrat candidates, new numbers that matter this week. we will explain why next. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals,
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6:54 am
from new polls for the gop and hillary clinton to a big spike for democrats in california, there are five numbers that matter this week. steven shepherd joins us to break them down. thanks for being with us. it's all about the numbers with you. in your article you start with 91%, that's for hillary clinton, so what is 91% and why is it important? >> this comes from an nbc news survey monkey poll this week. we wanted to look at the people who support bernie sanders over donald trump in a general erectioh election but when it comes to hillary clinton versus donald trump they go to donald trump. it turns out according to data
6:55 am
91% of them have an unfavorable rating of hillary clinton, three-quarters have a strongly unfavorable opinion of hillary clinton. these are not trump fans either. his unfavorables are in the 60s. if hillary clinton wants to unite the party and perform the way sanders does, she needs to bring these people into the fold. that will be heart to do. >> with a 91% there. 43% of that goes to the gop and why is that number significant? >> right. cbs news/"new york times" poll shows 43% of republican voters are mostly discouraged about the future of the gop. only 55% think they are mostly hopeful about the future of the gop. contrasted with democrats, 80% of democrats are mostly hopeful about the future of the democratic party. this is a real contrast between the two nominating contests and how they have gone. >> looking at hillary clinton and bernie sanders and a number significant to both, 1,924. >> right. that's the difference between the two candidates in kentucky
6:56 am
this week. results are still unofficial. that's the second closest of all the primary states. missouri, they were separated by a quarter of a point. this is about .4 point. results still to be certified. a.p. has not called the race. nbc is calling clinton the apparent winner. >> let's look ahead tuesday in oregon. number 56%. what's the relevance? >> donald trump won only 56% in oregon's rarnlargest county. it was nine points shy of his state-wide vote total. this will be interesting to see. donald trump will get clobbered in these cities. we know they are overwhelmingly democratic but he's running weaker than -- against other republicans even when the race is over than he's running in the rest of the state. so he has to make up more ground outside the city in a general election if he continues to underperform. >> very quickly, 98,657. something the democrats have reason to celebrate a little
6:57 am
bit. >> california, the voter registration deadline is this coming monday. so far, this year, they have added about 100,000 voters to the rolls while republicans and independents are lagging. if bernie sanders will really turn out all these new people to the process, we will have an indication after monday how many are signing up to vote before the june 7 primary. >> very big day. thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. that does it for me this hour. see you again at 2:00 p.m. eastern. "a.m. joy" is next. joy reed has more on the story of the black boxes from egypt air 804. allergies distracting you?
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